Sardarapat FC Welcomes New Official Partner Footbar

FOOTBAR - Sardarapat FC official partnership
Sardarapat FC x Footbar Officials

Footbar is the first performance tracker for football players, allowing them to analyze technical and physical statistics. Thanks to AI, the user can recognize certain movements made by the leg while playing. The tracker is already being utilized by the KNVB – Dutch Football Federation and will now be used by all members of the Sardarapat FC academy, including the first team and the women’s team.

Sardarapat FC is a brand new and intensively growing football club based in Armenia, using one of the most modern football facilities in the country and benefiting from a strong and unique technical partnership with the French professional football club RC Lens

Constantly seeking innovation and proficiency in their projects Sardarapat FC and Footbar join forces for this unprecedented cooperation in Armenia. 

A partnership for the development of football in Armenia

This partnership is a sign of a common desire and vision, that of introducing innovation and becoming the reference in the field of football training in Armenia. In particular around 3 axes:

This partnership aims to develop Armenian football in the following ways:Sardarapat FC player wearing Footbar Tracker

  1. Individual player performance: After each session, players can analyze their performance using the trackers, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This collaboration will enhance their satisfaction and passion for the game as their progress is monitored throughout each season.
  2. Unity: Footbar provides a new platform for coaches and players to strengthen their relationships. Coaches and staff will be able to view individual player sessions, fostering a sense of unity and working together towards a shared goal.
  3. Education through football: Football brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds. Through informational interventions in various football academies. Sides plan to utilize the range of skills and abilities to conduct workshops, not only on the product but also on the football itself. This showcases the power of football in educating and connecting people. Do you see it now? That’s the power of football.