Support the #MekMek* Campaign: for Education, Equality and Teamwork!

#OneOne in English

You have the power to make a profound difference! Your support is the key to nurturing a brighter future for the youth of Armenia.

At Sardarapat FC, we are not just about football; our mission extends beyond the football pitch. We are about nurturing talent, building character, and creating opportunities for the kids in our community and for Armenia’s future.

With your help, we will be able to empower more young athletes in the Armavir region by providing them with the necessary resources, facilities, and opportunities to develop their skills and passion for football.

Support the #MekMek campaign today to create a stronger, more confident, and enlightened generation with Equality and Teamwork!

Choose Your Sponsorship Purpose

Your donation, no matter the size, will make a profound difference. Here is a guide on what your donation will support depending on the amount:


€250: Supports the Annual Membership Fee of one PLAYER

€500: Equips a PLAYER for the entire season (uniform, training equipment…)

€1,000: Enables a PLAYER for tournament participation
(registration, transport…)

€1,800: Provides Full Support for a PLAYER, covering Membership Fee, Equipment, Logistics, and other activities


€3,000: Covers the Annual Membership Fee of an entire TEAM

€7,000: Equips a TEAM for the entire season (uniform, training equipment…)

€14,000: Enables a TEAM for tournament participation (registration, transport…)

€25,000: Offers Full Support for a TEAM, including Membership Fee, Equipment, Logistics, and other activities


Note that this list is given for information purposes only. You can donate any amount you want.

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About #MekMek Campaign

#MekMek campaign is a movement dedicated to raising awareness about the pivotal role of sports in children’s education by:

  • Equality: “Mek Mek” also embodies the concept of 1:1, symbolizing equality of educational opportunities for all our girls and boys.
  • Teamwork: “Mek Mek” represents the number 11, synonymous with a football team, underlining our unity as a team to achieve our goals.

Your support can be the catalyst for lasting change. Join us in enabling a brighter, more promising future for these young minds.