Sardarapat Football Club aims to improve the living and educational conditions of the children in Armenia, through innovative programmes centred around sport, and football in particular.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to use the power of football to educate, inspire and provide new opportunities for the children in Armenia.

Our mission is to offer them innovative programmes focused on sport, and football in particular, based on the highest standards of professional sports training, in an environment where children have access to an effective programme combining football, with a range of educational activities for their personal development.

Our ambition is to become the reference in Armenian football education in the very near future and train the new generations of Armenian football players.


FULFILLMENT stands for the joy of achieving the burning desires, the satisfaction of the training outcomes, happiness in developing potential power. Sardarapat FC has an objective to provide all the required means to the footballers to achieve self-realization through fun, expand their abilities and reach their goals with a light heart.

CONFIDENCE symbolizes the empowering self-trust that Sardarapat FC transfers to its footballers to help them become determined in their actions. We convey the feeling of security to rely on each other, building the trust in teammates to achieve the common goals.

LEGACY indicates the tight connection to national heritage, rich with historic events that are exemplary for today’s generation, creating the sense of belonging to the Armenian roots.

UNITY is the main source of success. Sardarapat FC footballers thrive together united in one big family, they are linked with the same ideology and have collective goals which make them unbreakable against any adversaries.

BOLDNESS shapes strong characters with confidence, courage and willingness to take risks. Sardarapat FC inspires its footballers to dare to act, to be fearless in their actions, to overcome obstacles and barriers, to be determined and bold both on and off the pitch. This is what we at the Sardarapat Football Club believe in.

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