Our History

Sardarapat Football Club opened its doors in 2021, providing high-standard football training for male and female players, on a daily basis in a modern and fully equipped training center based in Armavir, Armenia.

All our professional football coaches are inspired by European training standards to offer a unique approach to football education in Armenia, through individual programs that help our players to reach their full potential.

SFC players, both boys and girls, registered in the FFA championships, have access to the top quality training methodology of Racing Club de Lens, a French Ligue 1 club, conveyed by our local coaches.

Our Identity

SARDARAPAT is a strong symbol in the history of the Armenian nation, linked to the great military victory of 1918 and the birth of the the first independent Republic of Armenia.
This monument is located on the outskirts of Armavir, a few steps away from our facilities
This historical event gave rise to our slogan :


Our Logo

Sardarapat FC logo is designed in a minimalistic style based on the contrast of the two main colors of the club: rust and beige.

In the center of the oval-shaped logo is the figure of the famous Sardarapat Memorial that is the first to catch one’s eye. This outlines the respect for the Armenian Confidence and Legacy.

Upward pillars represent the upsurging of SFC footballers. The pillars have connecting points which represent Unity.

On the side, horizontal lines represent the bulls’ wings from the monument, a sign of Fulfillment and Bodlness.

SFC created a symbol that gives all these values to the ones who carry it.

Our Colors

Sardarapat FC palette includes three fundamental colors: Tuff red, Beige, and Dark Blue. The color combination is inspired by the architecture of Sardarapat Memorial, which celebrates the bravery of the victorious soldiers in the Battle of Sardarapat in 1918.

Tuff red is the color of the Armenian rock tuff, which is made of volcanic ash and is widely used in Armenian architecture, no exception to which is Sardarapat Monument located not far from the SFC Academy. Rust is considered to be the main color in the SFC palette.

The beige color expresses the harmonious and welcoming atmosphere at the academy, it brings a sense of energy and strength, and outlines the ability to rise above any problem by relying on internal strength.

SFC uses dark blue to symbolize faithfulness to the inherited ideology and legacy. It conveys a sense of confidence, wisdom, authority, and dignity.

Our Kits

Our traditional colors are represented in the SFC home kit: tuff red with beige outlines. The kit perfectly matches the atmosphere and image of SFC, reflecting its nature.

The SFC away kit is designed similarly to the home kit having beige as the main color and tuff red as an outline on the sleeves and collar. The design is plain and very pleasant to the eyes.


The SFC mascot is a unifying symbol of Armenian resilience, strength and unwavering will, referring to the winged bulls of the Sardarapat Memorial. The academy is inspired by this identity on a daily basis.
It accompanies us in victory and defeat, and proudly wears the symbols of the SFC.

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